John Bercow MP

John Bercow MP will be playing tennis at the Tennis Club against club members on Saturday afternoon between 3-5pm on 24th January 2015 . Come and see how he gets on!

News from the Pews

A very happy Christmas and a big thank you to all those who help to keep our Parish Church open for services through out the year.
The small congregation would not in it’s self be able to maintain it’s upkeep. We do have regular support for our events but feel some villagers do not for some reason feel able to engage, which is a great shame.
On the 15th we have the Village lunch and hope you will join us at the Pavillion 12.30 for 1pm.
The Cublington choir will be leading the traditional carol service it is a really lovely family evening and should not be missed,
There will not be a Service at 9am on the 21st. The Carol service is at 4pm.
This time last year we were having the Church lights installed, I cannot now imagine a time without them. A big thank you to those who have contributed to the running costs.
In last month’s Crier quite a lot of space was given to wildlife and habitat, I have made an amateurish attempt to create a small meadow area at the rear of the churchyard ,doesn’t look much but I did count some dozen wildflowers in august. There are several bird boxes in the yew trees and I have left the l/h compost bin untouched for the field mice.I accidently dug up a nest and felt really bad about it. The trees will be cut back at the base and the wood will create another area.
We do have a bat presence but this year it was exceptional it was an incredible aerial display. Have not seen the owls but they keep Brock awake, where are they nesting?
Re the meadow area I’m sure we have some better informed nature lovers and would welcome any ideas /wildflowers /bird box’s etc for”Gods little acre”

Hugh Vale steps down from Orchard Ground Committee

After an amazing 23 year stint on Orchard Ground Committee, Hugh Vale is stepping down. Hugh has been a member from the start in 1991 and was instrumental in all of the amazing developments that have taken place, including the building of the courts in 1992 and the pavilion in 1997. He has been unstinting in his commitment and loyalty to the village and we all owe him a huge debt of gratitude. Thank you Hugh.

Thanks also must go to Will Lovatt who is also stepping down after an equally amazing 16 years.
A massive thank you to both of them for their dedication and service to the community

Cublington Comment

St Nicholas Church Records circa 16th century to date – by Roy Shons
Prior to the reformation parish records were not obliged to be kept subsequently there is very little information available about the villagers before the late 16th century. All subsequent records except the current ones are held in the archives in Aylesbury. They can be accessed but do not make for easy translation and are time consuming.
Last year our local historian Roy Smith undertook the massive task of transcribing all the Cublington records, a copy has been requested by the archival curator and will be available at the office, which is at the rear of the library. Roy has also committed the records to disc and they can be downloaded on an old hand me down lap-top on request, put in a name and you can readily display 400 years of Cublingtons history, even a record of the murder of a poor widow in the old village. Most of the signatures are of course made by marks even in the late 20th century.
I know this has been a labour of love for Roy and has taken him over a year to complete, something that will be a lasting legacy from him to the village. Well done.

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