In the event of a power cut – what to do

The electricity network is built to be resilient but extreme weather can damage overhead power lines resulting in some customers losing their electricity supply. Where this happens UKPowerNetworks work to restore power as quickly and safely as possible. They have organised for additional staff in their contact centre to help customers whose electricity supply might be affected by the predicted weather, and they have called-up additional engineers to carry out repairs to overhead lines and poles as soon as the wind reduces to a speed at which it is safe to work.
You will be able to find regular updates on the website and social media @UKPowerNetworks throughout this period.

Anyone experiencing a power cut should:
· Call 105 to report power cuts and damage to the electricity network, or 0800 3163 105 (from a corded phone or mobile phone if you have no power)
· Visit for the latest updates
· Visit and type in their postcode to view our live power cut map
· Tweet @ukpowernetworks to report a power cuts or to receive updates

UK Power Netwroks advise people to stay clear of power lines and report damaged power lines immediately by calling 105 free from both a landline or a mobile phone. If they see electricity lines that are down or causing significant risk to the public they should call 999.
Extra help for customers on our Priority Service Register is available during a power cut. Households with older or disabled people, those with children under five, or where someone uses medical or mobility equipment that requires electricity as well as other reasons can join the register.

You can find out more information about the Priority Service on the website:

If you would like to share information about preparing for the storm or the priority service register on social media you might like to use the following:
@UKPowerNetworks has extra staff on hand 24/7 to deal with the impact of #stormEleanor
Call 105 to report a powercut and visit for the latest updates
Do you, or someone you know, need extra support during a power cut? @UKPowerNetworks provides free services to vulnerable customers. Visit for more information #stormEleanor
Preparing for a power cut
Below is some additional advice:
Add 105 to the contacts on your mobile phone
Keep our Freephone 0800 3163 105 number handy
See for useful videos and advice during a power cut.
• Locate a torch, check it’s working and make sure you have spare batteries. Take care if using candles.
• Charge up your mobile phone, and a rechargeable mobile ‘powerbank’ if you have one
• Use a phone with a cord if you have one, cordless phones don’t work in a power cut
• Keep fridges and freezers closed, with a blanket over as they will stay cold for many hours
• Switch off all your electrical equipment, except one light which will let you know when the power comes back on
• Remember the street lights may also be off so take care if you go out
• Dress in warm clothes
• Look out for vulnerable neighbours

Refuse collection delayed

Message to residents from AVDC

Due to the forecast of extremely low temperatures overnight, we anticipate that icy and snow-blocked roads are likely to make our recycling and waste collections dangerous.

For this reason, we’ve reluctantly decided to cancel collections on Tuesday 12 December, and to make the following changes to our normal collection schedule:

  • Tuesday’s collections will be collected on Wednesday
  • Wednesday’s collections will be collected on Thursday
  • Thursday’s collections will be collected on Friday
  • Friday’s collections will be collected on Saturday

It’s very rare that we have to make changes like these but, in the current extreme weather conditions, public and staff safety must remain our priority.

Please note, there’s a possibility that should the weather get worse, there’s a chance we may have to revise these changes again but we are hopeful that we’ll be able to make the collections as detailed above.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Orchard Ground Association AGM

Notice is given of the AGM of the Orchard Ground Association

at The Biggs Pavilion 19.30 15th November 2017

• Apologies
• Review of Previous Minutes
• Matters Arising
• Chairman’s Report
• Treasurer’s Report
• Election of Committee for 2017/18
• Date of Next Meeting

Visit to the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies

Members of the Book Club, plus a few husbands and friends, visited the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies in the bowels of County Hall, Aylesbury. All sorts of documents and records relating to Bucks are held there, the oldest dating back to the 13th century: maps, quarter session records, parish registers, title deeds as well as a local studies library. Next to the 5 strong rooms there are banks of computers for genealogical research as well as microfiche readers – the ancient along side the modern!

At our request the archivists had rooted out lots of information relating to Cublington; we were allowed to handle the church register of baptisms, marriages and burials from 1566 (no thick white gloves like on the telly!). The life events of “Dissenters”, ie not C of E, were inscribed at the back. There were school report books written in beautiful copperplate; the headmaster had recorded a child being sent home for having “filthy hands” and the school being closed on more than one occasion for blackberrying. A more recent marriage register ending in 1991 featured many familiar names and a printed leaflet reported on a meeting of the Friendly Society, held in the Unicorn over 200 years ago, but “no liquor”was to be requested in the course of the meeting!

The Centre is open to the public from Tuesday to Thursday and there is a open day on Saturday 25th November where several history groups will be getting together. For anyone with an interest in history or local studies, I’d thoroughly recommend a visit. We certainly enjoyed it.
Find out more at
Chris Jones

Thank you…

“A heartfelt thank you to all those who attended the service to celebrate Niall’s life on 30 August, all those who took part and and all those behind the scenes who made it such a great send off for Niall. The tributes, the cards, the condolences and the reminiscences have been an enormous comfort to us all. Our family, the community of Cublington and the friends and neighbours from Whitchurch, Chrishall and Clipston, along with Niall’s friends from the industry, have all given great support and paid wonderful tribute to Niall, and we will always treasure that. We were bowled over by the generosityof those who accommodated friends and family, offered help and hospitality and provided guidance.

Thank you

Jenny, Calum, Georgia and Moira Mackay

Niall Mackay

Former resident, Player, Captain, Chairman and current Fixture secretary of Cublington Cricket Club, Niall Mackay, sadly passed away during the morning of 22nd August 2017 after an indecently short battle with cancer. Niall was a great servant to the Cricket Club and a great friend of all who knew him through cricket and in the community of Cublington. Our thoughts are with his wife, Jenny and his 2 children, Callum and Georgia at this time, indeed our hearts go out to them!

Parish Council Annual General meeting

will be held at the Village Hall, Cublington, on Tuesday 9th May 2017 at 7.30pm.

Members of the public and press are entitled to be at the following meeting in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meeting) Act 1960 Section 1 extended by Local Government Act 1972 Section 100 unless precluded by the Parish Council by resolution during the whole or part of the proceedings. Such entitlement does not however include the right to speak on any matter except at the commencement of the meeting given over specifically for that purpose. Although not a requirement to do so prior notification to the Parish Council by noon the previous Friday (5th May) would enable a full response when appropriate to be given.
Dear Councillors and Residents of Cublington,
I hereby give you notice that the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council will be
held at the Village Hall, Cublington, on Tuesday 9th May 2017 at 7.30pm.
To members of the Council, you are summoned, to attend this meeting for the
purpose of transacting the following business.
Members of the public are welcome to attend. Public comment can be made, at the
invitation of the Chairman, during the first five minutes of the meeting.
Cllr J Merriman
(On behalf of Cublington Parish Council)
1. Apologies
2. Minutes of the last meeting held on 10th May 2016
3. Chairman’s Report
4. Accounts for year ended 31.3.17
5. Nominations and selection of Chairman
6. Nominations and selection of Vice Chairman
7. Election of members to other bodies


pathway rightsOn 1st January 2026, it will no longer be possible to use historic map and documentary evidence to claim ‘lost ways’.   Any path, track, alleyway, bridleway, cut-through etc. not registered on the Definitive Map – or submitted for registration – could well be in danger of being lost   Even old and still well-used, but officially unrecorded, routes may be at risk.
What does this actually mean to those who walk, cycle or horse ride along our public foot-paths and bridleways?  The basic message is stark – we take our access to the countryside for granted; we use routes for recreation and as a means of linking places together without thinking but, if we don’t check what we already have or what has been used in the past and that it is legally recorded, we could lose them forever.  The ancient maxim on which many claimants have relied, in the past: “once a highway always a highway” will be history.
Simply put, a small strip of land between a highway and the start of a definitive path might be unregistered.   After 2026, a landowner could put a gate or fence across it and restrict all entry to the public – quite legally – thus permanently hindering access to the countryside because we have assumed, but not checked, that the Definitive Map is up-to-date and accurate.   It will not be just our generation which will suffer but those who follow after us and is that the legacy we wish to leave them?   It is worth the risk?
.  The ‘Restoring the Records’ project is two-pronged with something for everyone; volunteers are needed to check maps, walk paths to ensure the correct signs are in place, do research, interview local people about their memories and get new links approved – to list just a few activities and it is local knowledge that will be the key.
The plan is to recruit a volunteer [s] in every Buckinghamshire Parish and Town Council to spread the load and speed up the exercise – 10 years passes far quicker than you might think!   No previous knowledge or training is needed; the Project Team is preparing a simple step-by-step guide which will answer most of the more common questions and will supply a map of your local area showing the rights of way.
If you are interested in becoming involved in this fascinating and very important treasure hunt, please contact Ross Osborn, the Project’s Volunteer Co-ordinator, on who will be happy to answer any questions and arrange for all necessary information and maps to be sent to you.

Download the Short Step One Guide