Would you like to become a Parish Councillor?

Elections to Cublington Parish Council will take place on 7th May alongside those taking place for the General Election.  If you are interested in working for the benefit of the local community and feel you have the time and commitment, please apply for a nomination pack.

Nomination packs available from:

Parish Clerk, Julie Merriman

Email: cublingtonpc.clerk@gmail.com or

Tel: 01296 681709 or

directly from Aylesbury Vale District Council

New use for the North Field of Orchard Ground?

An article was published in the January and February editions of the Crier concerning the future use of the North Field of Orchard Ground ( ‘’A New Use For A Village Field’’). The article was intended to encourage Cublington residents to inform members of the North Field Steering Group of any ideas to change the current agricultural use of the field to some form of recreational/amenity use.
The article generated almost no response and the Committee is beginning to assume that you are content with the current arrangements. If this is the case then the Parish Council will retain the field for agricultural use at least for the next eight years until 2023 and the Steering Committee will be disbanded. However, if this is not the case then please make contact with one of the Committee members, before the end of the month, with your ideas.
Please note that if you are putting forward an idea you must also be willing to get involved in turning your idea into a reality. Also, note that we are looking for ideas/plans that would change the use of the whole field.

Contact details for all Steering Committee members are:
Alan Yates ( Parish Council; Chairman of Steering Group )
22 Ridings Way, 01296 681878     yates379@btinternet.com
Gilly Jenkins ( Parish Council )
Larkspur House, Wing Road, 01296 682615     gstmusketeers3@aol.com
Pippa Cheetham ( Orchard Ground ) 7 Ridings Way, pippacheetham@aol.com
Mike Bush ( Orchard Ground ) 14 Whitchurch Road, mike_bush@btconnect.com

Cublington Comment

The Website:
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St Nicholas Church Records circa 16th century to date – by Roy Shons
Prior to the reformation parish records were not obliged to be kept subsequently there is very little information available about the villagers before the late 16th century. All subsequent records except the current ones are held in the archives in Aylesbury. They can be accessed but do not make for easy translation and are time consuming.
Last year our local historian Roy Smith undertook the massive task of transcribing all the Cublington records, a copy has been requested by the archival curator and will be available at the office, which is at the rear of the library. Roy has also committed the records to disc and they can be downloaded on an old hand me down lap-top on request, put in a name and you can readily display 400 years of Cublingtons history, even a record of the murder of a poor widow in the old village. Most of the signatures are of course made by marks even in the late 20th century.
I know this has been a labour of love for Roy and has taken him over a year to complete, something that will be a lasting legacy from him to the village. Well done.