Playground reopens – please use your common sense


a. You must maintain social distancing from others, if it is too busy
to do this please do not enter.
b. Do not use the equipment if you or any member of your
household has coronavirus symptoms, or are self-isolating. 
c. Children should not use the equipment if they are clinically or
extremely clinically vulnerable. 
d. Make sure you have hand sanitiser with you before entering the
e. Encourage everyone in your family to wash their hands or use
hand sanitiser regularly, as a minimum before and after using
the playground. 
f. Encourage children to avoid touching their faces 
g. Some equipment can only be used by one child at a time while
social distancing.  Please ensure your family waits at a safe
distance if the equipment is in use or return later to use the
h. At busy times please think of others and limit your time in the
play area so others may use and enjoy it too.
i. Please do not consume food or drink in the playground
j. If your family is wearing disposable PPE, please take it home
with you or where provided use the bins – don’t litter. 
k. Users of this playground do so under their own risk
l. All children must be accompanied by an adult
m. The playground has not been sanitised – you are strongly
advised to clean the equipment with disinfectant before use and
to take away your rubbish with you

Cublington Parish Council