Audit Reports

Cublington Parish Council’s Audit Report

Cublington Annual Audit 2015-16

Cublington Parish Council’s Internal Audit Report

This report was undertaken by Michael Joy of Yew Tree Cottage, Aston Abbotts Road, Cublington, independently of the Parish Council.

The auditor has agreed with all the following statements:

-Appropriate accounting records have been kept properly throughout the year.

-The Council’s financial regulations have been met, payments were supported by invoices, all expenditure was approved and VAT was appropriately accounted for.

-The Council assessed the significant risks to achieving its objectives and reviewed the adequacy of arrangements to manage these.

-The annual precept requirement resulted from an adequate budgetary process; progress against the budget was regularly monitored; and reserves were appropriate.

-Expected income was fully received, based on correct prices, properly recorded and promptly banked; and VAT was appropriately accounted for.

-Petty cash payments were properly supported by receipts, all petty cash expenditure was approved and VAT appropriately accounted for.

-Salaries to employees and allowances to members were paid in accordance with Council approvals, and PAYE and NI requirements were properly applied.

-Assets and investments registers were complete and accurate and properly maintained.

-Periodic and year-end bank account reconciliations were properly carried out.

-Accounting statements prepared during the year were prepared on the current accounting basis (receipts and payments or income and expenditure), agreed to the cash book, were supported by an adequate audit trail from underlying records, and where appropriate debtors and creditors were properly recorded.

-Trust funds (including charitable) The Council met its responsibilities as a trustee.

The above was signed by the Auditor on the 26th June 2015

Annual Governance Statement 2017/18

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