Best Kept Village – judges’ comments

Best Kept Village Competition 2018, Gurney Cup

Judges’ comments

VILLAGE/TOWN: Cublington

The church graveyard is very well maintained – including some of the old, unremembered graves – and is in keeping with the nearby conservation area. The Unicorn pub over the road looked attractive with its flower baskets.

The cricket field was in excellent condition and an asset to community life; the area close to the green shed could have been tidier. The children’s playground could not be faulted. There is perhaps scope for creating a managed wildlife area on the slope behind the cricket pavilion.

The Village Hall looked in good condition and its surroundings neat and litter free. We liked the imaginative ‘Cublington Nursery’ notice and the village sign. The notice board gave details of local events but we didn’t see a ‘Best Kept Village’ notice. The other notice board, in Bell Close, appeared to have been the subject of vandalism since there was nothing on it but a few scraps of torn paper. Had we arrived on an unfortunate day?

The hedge on the north side of the High Street leading to the crossroads was overgrown at the time of our visit, limiting safe use of the narrow footpath. This needs attention as the path is presumably used by schoolchildren.

The pond at the crossroads would benefit from sensitive planting along its edges, particularly where it faces the road. This would not only enhance its appearance but would make it safer, as it presents a potential hazard to careless walkers. (Incidentally, your map highlighted the wrong pond!)

Generally, the village presents a pleasant and attractive impression and shows good evidence of community effort.