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  1. I have enjoyed reading about the history of Cublington. My interest derives from family historical research. I have discovered that a relative William Tovey was a canon of the Hereford Cathedral in the 1500s and that he held the prebend of the estate of Cublington. Would you have any information concerning William Tovey in your parish records?

  2. No indeed, the Contact Us link is not for queries addressed to the Parish Council it is for village comment, news and views.

    If you looked on the site under Parish Council, there is a direct link to the Parish Clerk. The website is funded by the Parish Council, but not run by them.
    Kind regards

  3. Hi there, I have been showing my mother your site as she was evacuated to Cublington for 4 years during the war with her sister. She was so delighted looking at the photos as she has always told me what a lovely place it was to live and how different it was from her East End home. She has a great memory and remembers names of villagers, their children and shopkeeper and farmers, most everyone. I will purchase your book to show her. If you have questions please email me and I shall ask her.

  4. Hi Elaine… thanks for your email. What was your mother’s name and I’ll publish your letter in the village magazine and see if it jogs any memories with anyone. Sadly the book was so popular it is currently out of print, but I will pass your details on to the publisher. Kind regards Gary

  5. I will put your info in the Crier village magazine to see if anyone knows anything…

    Our Parish records have been transcribed and are held in the archives in Aylesbury.
    Prior to the reformation parish records were not obliged to be kept subsequently there is very little information available about the villagers before the late 16th century. All subsequent records except the current ones are held in the archives in Aylesbury. They can be accessed but do not make for easy translation and are time consuming.
    Last year our local historian Roy Smith undertook the massive task of transcribing all the Cublington records, a copy has been requested by the archival curator and will be available at the office, which is at the rear of the library. Roy has also committed the records to disc and they can be downloaded on an old hand me down lap-top on request, put in a name and you can readily display 400 years of Cublingtons history, even a record of the murder of a poor widow in the old village. Most of the signatures are of course made by marks even in the late 20th century.

    On the website History.. The Unicorn Pub ( High Street) Built orginally, perhaps in the 16th Century but much altered in the 18th…. it says perhaps the pub was built around this time but we have no specific knowledge of how the pub was originally named.

    Hope you find what you’re looking for.
    Gary (webmaster)

  6. Hi Gary,

    I have only just realised you replied via this website. Thank you.
    My mother was called Eileen Allen and her little sister was called Patricia. She was placed as an evacuee with 2 other sets of 2 sisters the Steven’s who lived in a large house. The other 4 girls left shortly after but my mum and her sister stayed for 4 years. Thank you for replying. I will check back here again.

  7. Hi Gary, further to your response re contact details being under the Parish Council tab. This isn’t the case. Could you either provide the link in your response or the actual email address would be good.
    I have also tried to open the PC minutes and they don’t seem to open?

  8. Hi Jean
    Apologies – I have not been monitoring the website for a while.
    The Parish Clerk email address was indeed on the Parish Council page as I stated, it just wasn’t a link. Apologies. It is now.

    The latest posted PC minutes do indeed work (Sept 19). I have just tested the link. It downloads as a pdf file which you can open in Adobe Acrobat.

    I hope that helps

    Kind regards

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