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Formed in 2008, Must B Mad was started by three friends (Steve George, Gary Brazier and Michael Reilly) who, having hit their half centuries, felt they wanted to do something to help impact the lives of those less fortunate than themselves. They trained for 10 months and successfully completed in the 10 event discipline of the decathlon at the South East Amateur Athletics Multi Events Championships in September 2008. These three original founders wanted to help causes that they personally identified with through their own personal experiences. In completing the decathlon they raised over £16,000 for these charities. Others were inspired to join in their endeavours and various members have since completed other gruelling events to raise funds. The charity’s finest achievement was drilling a water well in Molo, Kenya and we recently received this communication from them… February 2023

The fresh water is still flowing. Our 200+ clients are enjoying the supply to date although it’s never enough for all of them. Some people have more than one family living with them as they have houses for renting within the homestead. 
Although we have 220 registered with us for the water supply, the number of people relying on our water could be way far more than we can imagine. Bearing in mind that we give water to 4 different primary schools some with more than 400 pupils the total number of people benefitting from this project could be about 2000.
We have divided them into twelve phases of between 10 to 20 people each. 
We installed water meters to enable us to do proper billing. Our water is cheaper than the government company that does the supply in other areas.
We get an average of 600 pounds every month. We use very little energy from the power company and therefore don’t have to spend a lot on electricity. 
We managed to install solar panels which produce just enough energy to pump the water to the reservoirs(water tanks) and then do the supply using gravity. In our solar installation we didn’t include the batteries as we found it to be rather expensive.
The solar project cost us 5000 pounds. We applied for a loan at the bank where we keep our water savings and they managed to lend us the money. We will take 3 years to pay the loan at the end of 2024.
Initially we would spend over a third of the water income to pay electricity bills. Today it’s only a small amount that goes to electricity. We also increased the number of tanks from the original 2 to 5 of volume 10,000 litres each. On average we pump more than 50,000 litres everyday because we don’t wait until the 5 tanks are full in order to start supplying the water. Immediately we start pumping the water in the morning we open the gate-valves for the supply to commence.
Right now there is drought in Kenya. Water has become scarce. We are being advised by the water company to try and save every drop of water. We are trying to grow cabbages by doing some irrigation. I’ll send you all the pics in support of the information given in this email. Some of the clients use water to irrigate their kitchen gardens too.
This project is really worth it. Of all the projects I’ve tried this is the most effective, successful and one which I’m proud of. Thank you so very much Must B MAD. You have really made a difference!
See the moment they struck water in Molo, Kenya

Sadly due to old age and creaking bones, Must B Mad is now disbanded.

Go on – give it a go! You know you want to. Without those loyal band of volunteers, the village just wouldn’t be what it is. Let’s keep it this way!