Orchard Ground

Stewkley Road, CUBLINGTON, LU7 0LR

Orchard Ground is a recreational area left to the village by the Biggs family in 1991. Cricket had been played on this field for many years, with the teams often moving sheep off the pitch before play could proceed.

Orchard Ground Committee, was set up by the Parish Council to run and raise funds for the development of the area for the benefit of the local community.  In 1992, following a poll of village residents, two tennis courts were built and the Tennis Club came into existence. In 1997 The Bigg’s Pavilion was built with generous support from local villagers, Aylesbury Vale District Council and The National Lottery.

In 2002 the Tennis Club raised funds to install floodlights on the two courts. In 2006 an area was given over to allotments. In 2008 extensions were built to provide a new cricket scoreboard and store room.

Funds of approximately £3,500 are required each year for the maintenance and upkeep of the facility, raised through sports clubs rent, donations, hiring fees, the 100 Club and other fundraising events. Many of the clubs who use the facilities do a lot of work behind the scenes to make the Orchard Ground facility the envy of many other villages. Your continued support of any clubs or fundraising initiatives is a vital resource and is very much appreciated.

Meetings are held bi-monthly at 8pm

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