Friends of St Nicholas

The Friends of St Nicholas (established in 2000) are a dedicated group that have raised over £32000 for the fabric of the Church since starting their work and they and the congregation continue to contribute to the upkeep of St Nicholas.

Roy Shons   Church Warden

Would anyone like to sponsor a week of the floodlights? Could you spare £12 – just a pound a month would help us keep our wonderful church lit for a whole week! All we need is 52 lovely villagers, clubs or societies and it would help enormously with the running costs over the year. Thank you  Roy

The Thirteenth Horticultural Show – Sept 2nd 2017
with all profits going to the Friends Of St Nicholas. Last year again, over £1500 was raised through entries and sponsorship. For more information or to sponsor a category in this years show, please contact Sandie Joy on 01296 682446.

Growing Categories and sponsors 2017
Thank you so much to the sponsors so far

Vegetable Categories  
1. Vegetable Tray – Sponsored by The Unicorn Pub
2. Longest Runner bean – Sponsored by Lakeside Fisheries
3. Three Parsnips
4. Three Carrots – Sponsored by Colcort Jewellery
5. Three Carrots – Sponsored by Harlequin Press
6. Three White potatoes – Sponsored by Parrotts Butchers
7. Three Coloured Potatoes – Sponsored by Wing Take Away
8. Six Runner Beans – Sponsored by HANson Health & Fitness
9. Six of any other Climbing Bean (e.g. French)
10. Three Beetroot
11. Three Courgettes – Sponsored by Cublington Allotments
12. Three Onions – Sponsored by GB Designs
13. Five Chillis – Sponsored by Mercer & Hole
14. Nine Shallots – Sponsored by VASS Tech
15.Five Small Tomatoes – Sponsored by MattLac Builders
16. Five tomatoes – Sponsored by Mark 1 First Aid
17. Salad Collection
18. Terracotta Pot with 5 planted herbs – Sponsored by Adept Driving School
19. Two of any other single variety of vegetable not listed in any other category.
20. Heaviest Marrow – Sponsored by Cublington Tennis Club
21. Longest Parsnip – Sponsored by Mainly Mowing
22. Heaviest Pumpkin – Sponsored by K4 Consulting
23. Most oddly shaped vegetable – Sponsored by the Rayman Family

Fruit Categories
24. 10 autumn raspberries – Sponsored by Wing Stores & Post Office
25. Three Culinary Apples – Sponsored by Vintage Wine Marque
26. Three Dessert Apples – Sponsored by Old Stables Farm Sausages
27. Any other single variety of fruit – Sponsored by Wing Cars

Flower Categories
28. Best Single Rose – Sponsored by Breeze House
29. Best Flower Arrangement – Sponsored by Cublington Growers
30. Vase of Dahlias – Sponsored by Manor Farm B&B
31. Tallest Sunflower – Sponsored by Cublington Nursery

Children’s Categories (Age 10 years and under)
32. Gingerbread Man -Sponsored by Neales farm
33. Collage of a flower -Sponsored by JP Thornton

Domestic Categories
34. Two fruit marmalade – Sponsored by Alexander Country Cats
35. Red onion chutney – Sponsored by Creative Condiments
36. Courgette and Lime cake- Sponsored by The Brown Bottles 
37. Apple pie (pastry base and top) – Sponsored by Cublington Cricket Club
38. Soda bread loaf (freestyle) – Sponsored by Jane Alexander
39. 3 Hens Eggs – Sponsored by Willowbrook Barns

Virtual Pets
40. Photograph your Pet and name it – Sponsored by Neales farm

With special thanks to all our sponsors for their continued support