North Field Survey

A progress report from the Steering Committee and a request for your help

Firstly, a big thank you from the Steering Committee to all residents who shared their ideas about the future use of the North Field of Orchard Ground.

The overriding theme suggested by those who thought a change of use might be appropriate was to use the field to create a woodland amenity with features including walking and running trails, picnic and activity areas. In contrast, there was also support for leaving the field as agricultural land generating rental income for the Parish Council. However, the number of suggestions we received could not be taken to represent the majority view of the village. We think therefore the best way forward is to ask you to take a few minutes to complete the ballot – download from the link below.

The ballot is open to all residents. If you have children in your family, please take account of their opinion. If you have children who are too young to articulate an opinion, we leave it to your own good judgement to decide whether their vote should be cast.

Please complete the following ballot or cut it out of the Crier. One of us will call at your house to collect your ballot paper during the week commencing the 11th May.

Crier Ballot pdf