Mike Waples Memorial Walk Lecturn






Just 16 days to go of crowdfunding

It is now over a year since Mike Waples passed away. He was a well known local character, always happy and liked by everyone who knew him.

He was also a keen walker and with the local group (The RAMS), he and they walked hundreds of miles together. Partly for this reason it has been decided to create a village walk in his memory. Set on a steel lecturn, there will be a map, of the local area with the route marked out for anyone to follow. The walk will be 1-2 miles long. Subject to permission being granted from the Parish Council, the lecturn will be placed on the Nob. There may also be a commemorative tree planted alongside.
If anyone who knew him would like to contribute to the cost, it would be very gratefully received. There is also a jar on the bar in The Unicorn should you wish to donate by more conventional means.

Best Kept Village Competition


The winners: Stoke Goldington

Joint Runners-up: Little Marlow & Little Missenden

These are the judges’ comments on Cublington:

“The graveyard was well maintained and the Unicorn pub was tidy and litter free. The pump is a nice retained feature but had weeds around the base. The children’s play area has modern equipment but the safety surfaces need improving. The village is obviously very proud of the cricket ground and pavilion which is well maintained predominantly by volunteers showing community involvement, and the Cublington Community Growers Group is a good sign of a community pulling together. The area around the pond needs some attention to clear the growth at the edges. The village hall was being used for play nursery and we were told that several activities take place there but these were not indicated on the hall notice board. The carved village sign is a very attractive feature to the village. The bus shelter was tidy and the village was litter free. The schedule of features was most helpful.”

The marks awarded were 74 out of 100.

North Field Steering Committee – Ballot Results

The Committee thanks all residents who participated in the recent ballot;

81% of all households in the Parish wanted their votes to be included in the ballot. The remaining 19% of all households were not seen personally by a Steering Committee member but a note was left with virtually all of these households inviting them to make contact if they wanted their vote to be included.

The Steering Committee is satisfied that all households/individuals in the Parish were given an opportunity to cast their votes.

The results, based on all individuals who voted in the North Field Ballot, are as follows:

40% wanted to leave the field for Agricultural usage

60% wanted a Woodland Amenity to be created in the field

This concludes the first stage of this process, please note that these results do not automatically mean that the current rental agreement on the North Field will terminate in September 2019. These results will now be reported to the Parish Council and the next stage of this process will be discussed at the Parish Council meeting on the 14th July 2015.

North Field Steering Committee 2nd June 2015

North Field Survey

A progress report from the Steering Committee and a request for your help

Firstly, a big thank you from the Steering Committee to all residents who shared their ideas about the future use of the North Field of Orchard Ground.

The overriding theme suggested by those who thought a change of use might be appropriate was to use the field to create a woodland amenity with features including walking and running trails, picnic and activity areas. In contrast, there was also support for leaving the field as agricultural land generating rental income for the Parish Council. However, the number of suggestions we received could not be taken to represent the majority view of the village. We think therefore the best way forward is to ask you to take a few minutes to complete the ballot – download from the link below.

The ballot is open to all residents. If you have children in your family, please take account of their opinion. If you have children who are too young to articulate an opinion, we leave it to your own good judgement to decide whether their vote should be cast.

Please complete the following ballot or cut it out of the Crier. One of us will call at your house to collect your ballot paper during the week commencing the 11th May.

Crier Ballot pdf

New use for the North Field of Orchard Ground?

An article was published in the recent editions of the Crier concerning the future use of the North Field of Orchard Ground ( ‘’A New Use For A Village Field’’). The article was intended to encourage Cublington residents to inform members of the North Field Steering Group of any ideas to change the current agricultural use of the field to some form of recreational/amenity use.
The article generated almost no response and the Committee is beginning to assume that you are content with the current arrangements. If this is the case then the Parish Council will retain the field for agricultural use at least for the next eight years until 2023 and the Steering Committee will be disbanded. However, if this is not the case then please make contact with one of the Committee members with your ideas.
Please note that if you are putting forward an idea you must also be willing to get involved in turning your idea into a reality. Also, note that we are looking for ideas/plans that would change the use of the whole field.

Contact details for all Steering Committee members are:
Alan Yates ( Parish Council; Chairman of Steering Group )
22 Ridings Way, 01296 681878     yates379@btinternet.com
Gilly Jenkins ( Parish Council )
Larkspur House, Wing Road, 01296 682615     gstmusketeers3@aol.com
Pippa Cheetham ( Orchard Ground ) 7 Ridings Way, pippacheetham@aol.com
Mike Bush ( Orchard Ground ) 14 Whitchurch Road, mike_bush@btconnect.com

Cublington Comment

The Website:
Please feel free to email with any suggestions, photographs, comments or events as we would like to make this a topical, up to date website that people want to use frequently even daily! This site will be added to and enhanced as the weeks and months go on.

Thanks for reading and we hope you find this website useful as well as interesting.

St Nicholas Church Records circa 16th century to date – by Roy Shons
Prior to the reformation parish records were not obliged to be kept subsequently there is very little information available about the villagers before the late 16th century. All subsequent records except the current ones are held in the archives in Aylesbury. They can be accessed but do not make for easy translation and are time consuming.
Last year our local historian Roy Smith undertook the massive task of transcribing all the Cublington records, a copy has been requested by the archival curator and will be available at the office, which is at the rear of the library. Roy has also committed the records to disc and they can be downloaded on an old hand me down lap-top on request, put in a name and you can readily display 400 years of Cublingtons history, even a record of the murder of a poor widow in the old village. Most of the signatures are of course made by marks even in the late 20th century.
I know this has been a labour of love for Roy and has taken him over a year to complete, something that will be a lasting legacy from him to the village. Well done.